Fear and Criticism
"It is usually fear or something wrong in your own life that triggers obsessive criticism of others, the world at[...]
Willpower Is Overrated — Do This Instead….
If you are having to will yourself to get something done, you have probably already made a mistake somewhere along[...]
What Do You See Every Day?
They say, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."  True enough.  But we[...]

I started RainlessMind.com in February 2018 as an online resource for anyone (anywhere in the world) interested in growing as a person.

I'm delighted you're here.  Take a look around.  Check out our blog, or try one of our free courses (coming soon). 

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As our world spins faster and faster, I hope you find refuge and strength here at RainlessMind.com.

Tom Johnston

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