If you are constantly, vaguely judging everyone around you….
"If you are constantly, vaguely judging everyone and everything around you, there is a quirk in your consciousness. You aren't[...]
Quote: “We are here to….”
“We are here to find that dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought."  Eckhart Tolle
Fear and Criticism
"It is usually fear or something wrong in your own life that triggers obsessive criticism of others, the world at[...]

I started RainlessMind.com in February 2018 as an online resource for anyone (anywhere in the world) interested in growing as a person.

I'm delighted you're here.  Take a look around.  Check out our blog, or try one of our free courses (coming soon). 

See if anything is helpful to you.  Focus on that, and ignore the rest.  

Rainless Mind - Somewhere Between The Stars In The Sky And The Earth Under Our Feet

"Remember That Sense Of Wonder" ~ RainlessMind.com

As our world spins faster and faster, I hope you find refuge and strength here at RainlessMind.com.

Tom Johnston

P.S. Feel free to reach out.  I love hearing from visitors.  I always respond. 

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