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More Thoughts on Over-Optimization
If you think about it, regret is a form of over-optimization.  You are trying to optimize decisions already made.  Optimize[...]
Confidence And Faith Are Your Friends
There is a subtle interplay between confidence and faith.  If you think about it, to some degree having confidence is having faith–faith[...]
Self Discipline Or Regret – You Get To Pick One
“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment.” ~[...]
Relaxation Meditation – How To Meditate Even If You Have A Super Busy Life
Not long ago, I wrote about the one-minute meditation practice.But many of us are so busy throughout the day that[...]
“I Am Stuck” – What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck
Feeling stuck?  Here's a suggested approach if all your efforts only dig you deeper into the hole.Stop Trying So HardIf[...]

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James Allen Quote – Unhappiness And Success In Life
This James Allen quote is worth pondering.  Not just once, but over time:"So in life, men may think they are[...]
What If Success Eludes You
Until you adopt the correct, healthy mindset. One that is balanced and at peace with the present. Otherwise, the success[...]
Mental Strain – Here’s A Simple Technique To Reduce The Pressure and Tension In Your Mind
If you are experiencing ongoing mental strain, I have a simple technique that may provide you temporary or even permanent[...]
Life May Sometimes Hold Things Back
Until you realize that you don't need them to be happy.  It's life's way of teaching you where joy really[...]
Something For You To Try – Don’t Do Anything
There is something about us Americans in particular.  This loping hunger to be busy.  Productive.  Focused on something.  Doing. I've[...]