Lose Your Ego – Or Not…..
A little counter-intuitive advice for all you seekers from a famous advertising executive:"It is fashionable for so-called thinking people to[...]
If You Start It, Finish It
Here's a short piece of advice for you.  It's quite simple.If you start something, finish it.Otherwise, what you have done[...]
Paralyzed By Too Many Goals And Ambitions? Let’s Get You Unstuck And Moving Ahead.
Recently, I wrote how important it is to "set the intention"--to have clear goals scaled over different time frames.  If[...]

I started RainlessMind.com in February 2018 as an online resource for anyone (anywhere in the world) interested in growing as a person.

I'm delighted you're here.  Take a look around.  Check out our blog, or try one of our free courses (coming soon). 

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As our world spins faster and faster, I hope you find refuge and strength here at RainlessMind.com.

Tom Johnston

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