Lose Your Ego – Or Not…..

Maybe Keep That Ego!

A little counter-intuitive advice for all you seekers from a famous advertising executive:”It is fashionable for so-called thinking people to try to lose their ego. [..] Presumably we were given egos for a reason. Great people have great egos; maybe that’s what makes them great.” ~ Paul Arden 

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If You Start It, Finish It

Get Things Done, Make The World Better

Here’s a short piece of advice for you.  It’s quite simple.If you start something, finish it. Otherwise, what you have done borders on worthless. Let me give you a few quick examples.Not Done = Not Very UsefulYou start college, but drop out and don’t get your degree.  Congratulations.  You got “half” an education.  Think of the money […]

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“Set The Intention”

Set The Intention, Find Success

I have a suggestion of something for you to try.  I call it “set the intention.” The idea is that with each thing you do, you establish clearly in your mind what it is that you are trying to accomplish with the activity you are about to begin. You set the goal.  Set the aim.  Set the […]

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Send Love Towards Every Problem

Send Love Towards Every Problem. See What Happens.

I have a little suggestion for you.  A technique to help you find peace in your life. I don’t claim that this is the “secret” or “the one thing” that will make all the challenges in your life vanish and go away–though it might…. I also don’t have an explanation for why it works.  I just know […]

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Don’t Box Yourself In….

Remember, Don't Box Yourself In

“I can’t be happy or fulfilled unless I have a baby and family.” “I will only be a success if I am a wealthy entrepreneur.” “I have to have X.” “I must work for Y.” These are boxes and mental traps.  If you approach life with this mindset, you are almost certainly going to be miserable.  Life Isn’t A […]

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A Simple Trick To Stay Focused On What Matters

How To Stay Focused

If you are like me, you have these insights and aha moments that just hit you out of the blue.  These realizations clarify what matters, what’s not working, and how you should really be spending your time. Then life intervenes.  You slowly slip back into old ways of thinking, and the realizations fade to the recesses […]

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Remember To Relax

Remember To Relax - It's A Key Part Of Life

Remember to relax. I don’t mean “pursue a leisure activity.” I mean relax. As in just be there. Let your body rest. Let your mind rest. In fact, empty your mind. Let your being just be still. Elite athletes know this.  Yes, train hard.  Train with focus.  But build in time for relaxation.  For rebuilding. But keep this in mind.  Relax not just so […]

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