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When You Can’t Find Your Purpose, Do This Instead

When You Can't Find Your Purpose

Vision.  Purpose.  Meaning. These are big words, great words.  Words that deserve our interest, attention, and respect.  But sometimes such grand notions lie beyond our grasp. In that case, I have a suggestion.  If you are struggling to find your purpose in life, just start doing work.  Any work.  Anything that pops to mind that you need […]

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Is Your Life A Constant Effort? Push Vs Pull, And The Dangers Of Overdoing Everything

Constant Effort Vs. Being Pulled By Your Vision

Most books about self-improvement focus on waking up early, establishing clear goals, and pushing yourself.  Constant effort, effort, effort.  However, while these techniques might lead to material success, they may do so at the expense of health, a flourishing life, joy, and inner peace.  There is something missing.  The spiritual perspective.  The Dao.If you have a […]

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