Chasing the World of Form

Chasing The World of Form

Much of our society encourages aggressive fulfillment in the world of form. That means having the “right” house, “right” spouse, “right” body, etc.  There’s just one problem:this often leaves people empty and forever chasing more and more.  The inner world gets neglected.

For the spiritually aware, an over focus on the world of form can leave you feeling empty or drained.  Your work may be so demanding that you are exclusively preoccupied with outer reality–with no time or energy to reflect upon and grow in your relationship to the spiritual side of life.

One way to deal with this is to look for the inner world in each moment, regardless of what you are actually doing.  If you don’t let your mind become lost in the world of form while you are interacting with the world, meaning can emerge.  You can find more balance.

Nonetheless, when you are exhaustively operating in the world of form, among people who never acknowledge the existence of inner realities (spirit), this can drain you.