Is Your Life A Constant Effort? Push Vs Pull, And The Dangers Of Overdoing Everything

Constant Effort Vs. Being Pulled By Your Vision

Most books about self-improvement focus on waking up early, establishing clear goals, and pushing yourself.  Constant effort, effort, effort.  

However, while these techniques might lead to material success, they may do so at the expense of health, a flourishing life, joy, and inner peace.  There is something missing.  The spiritual perspective.  The Dao.

If you have a vision for your life that syncs with your deepest calling, you will be pulled towards your goals as much as you have to push.  You won’t feel like Sisyphus, endlessly pushing his rock up the hill.

Constant Effort Is A Real Drag

Don't Be Like This Guy

Constant Effort - When You Do Need To Push

There are a couple of exceptions to this point about constant effort.  First, when you are called to do something, but your fear is keeping you paralyzed and daunted, then you will have to push through the fear with effort, effort, effort.  Likewise, it may take a major, sustained push to build up momentum towards your calling.  But at some point, this should shift over into a pull from the vision.

Look To Be Pulled By Your Vision Instead

This does not mean you won’t spend countless hours working towards your goals.  It’s just that once you get in sync and build momentum, at some point, each and every moment should not be full of constant effort.  

Joy should be pulling you along instead....

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