Crawling vs. Walking

Crawl Vs Walk

Many people walk around in life bitter or full of regrets about mistakes they made. But I have a question for you.  Are you bitter that you had to crawl before you started to walk?

Did you know how to walk immediately as a newborn baby?  When you first started to walk a bit, did you ever take a tumble?

Why would you expect life to be any different?  Did you botch a relationship once–even with someone you truly loved?  Did you say or do something you regret?

I have news for you.  We are here to learn.  We make missteps and learn.

So be careful about regret and stewing over the past.  You aren’t wasting your time regretting not walking perfectly the first time you tried.  So why would you expect other areas of even your life to go perfectly each and every time, each and every moment?

Get real!  Learn from the past.  Focus on the present and future (while savoring the good memories) — and create something magical.

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