Something For You To Try – Don’t Do Anything

Don't Do Anything

There is something about us Americans in particular.  This loping hunger to be busy.  Productive.  Focused on something.  Doing.

I’ve got something for you to try.  I think it will help you rest and recharge the batteries.


This is easier said than done, and particularly for any period of time.  I’m not advocating long stretches of not doing anything (though I’m not advocating against them either).

For now, just count your breath from one to ten.  One count for one full breath.  Just concentrate on that in a relaxed fashion.  You can sit or lie down or whatever you want.

Indeed, I admit that counting your breath isn’t quite not doing anything, but it’s pretty close.  You will find your mind unclenches and relaxes.  This is important.  We need both concentration and relaxation.  Many of us have become locked in permanent concentration.  This will drain your health, vitality, alertness, and poise if you aren’t careful.

So don’t do anything.  See what happens.  How do you feel?  Let me know.

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