Finding God’s Grace in Your Life

Finding God's Grace

We can all live with God’s grace.  Sometimes we fall away from this wondrous state.

Following are a few humble suggestions for realigning with God’s grace.

Living With God’s Grace

  • Be aware that you can live in harmony with God.  Have this as a goal, hope, and prayer.
  • Pray often.  Prayer is how you communicate with God.
  • Don’t sin.  Sin is a loaded term.  Use other expressions if you like, such as “don’t take action that harms yourself and others,” or “that injects pain into your life and others’ lives.” Regardless of the term you use, sin puts you out of sync with God.  It introduces tension and dissonance into your life and soul.  Sin could be lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, watching pornography, etc.
  • Forgive yourself and others.  Ask for God’s forgiveness, too.
  • Relax a little bit.  If you are thinking thinking thinking, trying trying trying, and doing doing doing constantly, there is no space for God to express himself through you.  Just relax a bit.

Despite the suggestions I offered above, God’s grace is not a formulaic matter.  Sometimes God shows up despite our making all the wrong moves.  God’s grace can convert a harsh life full of confusion and tension into something elegant and beautiful.

Just turn toward God like a leaf bends toward the sun.  Then, let God guide you through the day, month, life, and eternity…..

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