Getting Closure – Never Expect Inner Peace To Come From The External World

Don't Expect Closure From The External World

Remember that lover that jilted you?  You know, the one you still grind your teeth about and find fault with years and years later?  I've got a tip for you: he/she is never going to circle back and make it right.  If you are seeking closure, look inside.  Let me explain.

Never Expect Closure From The External World

Yes, sometimes you get it.  You apologize to the person you treated horrendously.  Someone comes back to you and tells you just what you wanted to hear.  But, I say it again, life doesn't always work that way.  So don't sit around expecting it.

But here is the good news.  Once you stop expecting the world to transform magically and right every wrong, you can find closure internally.  Mostly it is just choosing to let go and stop expecting something that isn't coming.  You might find this to be quite a relief.  If the simple internal shift isn't enough, seek more robust strategies for finding closure yourself, rather than expecting a white knight to ride in and right all the wrongs…….

Getting Closure - You Can Find Peace

You can find peace.  But it is an internal peace.  The funny thing is: once you establish internal harmony, you care a lot less whether that person ever comes back and makes it right.  And, of course, that's often the moment the world will turn your way and smile……

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