How To Build Confidence – Get Yourself From Zero To Hero With These Simple Steps

How To Build Confidence Once It Has Been Lost

Confidence is like a drug.  When you have it, you can move mountains.  When you don't, you can barely get out of bed.

We all lose our self-confidence from time to time.  It's part of life.  Part of growing.  And part of learning how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move ahead.

So we need to know how to build confidence once it has been lost.

You've come to the right place.  Rainless Mind is all about building the self-esteem and internal integrity that leads to strong, stable confidence.

Let's dive in.

How To Build Confidence After It Has Slipped From Your Grasp

  • First, make a list of what you have succeeded at in life.  ALL of us have some successes.  Review this list.  Just reminding yourself of where you have done well will give you a boost.

  • Next, confidence comes from success.  From achieving goals over time.  So get out there and work on different projects.  There more you do and the more you succeed at, the more confident you will become.

  • Keep saying over and over and over to yourself (out loud or internally): “I am confident.  I am confident.  I am confident.  I am confident.”

  • Carry yourself with confidence.  With time, your physical posture will become more balanced.  In the meantime, fake it and challenge yourself to be more confident by assuming the posture of confidence.

  • Focus on spiritual reality.  Spiritual reality is the only constant in life.  Center your attention in this.  When you are aligned with God, you are naturally and humbly confident—and you don’t expect external reality to conform to your every wish.

  • Finally, stop trying so hard.  Sometimes you need to just stop, clear your mind, and let your natural confidence reemerge. 

Pick One Or Two Of The Above Suggestions - Try Them For Two Days

Mastering how to build confidence is not a one-time event.  Instead, you learn this skill like any other, over time.

Start with just one or two of the steps I suggest above.  Try them for a day or two.  See what works, and move forward from there.

You Can Do This

You can work your way back to mental stability, joy, and confidence.  You owe it to yourself and to everyone else in your life.

Good luck! 

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