On Brooding

On Brooding

Welcome To Limbo….

Brooding is a reflection that you haven’t learned how to relate to things appropriately.

Every once in a while, brooding can be a good thing–as you turn something over in your mind, looking at it multiple angles, learning.

But more often than not, brooding reflects a mind and soul that have not learned how to make clear breaks and establish boundaries with people, with the past, and with the present.  Brooding indicates that you are stewing in regret, maintaining energy lines longer than they should be maintained. These lines need to be cut.

The way to stop brooding is through a habit of strong, incisive decisions.  Decisions about the past, present, future, and people in your life (or who have been in your life).  Without such decisions, you can find yourself in emotional and energy chaos.  A sort of mental / energy limbo.

To be clear, I’m not criticizing or advocating against deep thought, considering your past, analysis, or other operations of the mind.  Brooding, however, tends to be an unproductive, perpetual mulling without much benefit or joy.

Let Go of the Habit….

The great thing is that with some effort and practice, you can make appropriate decisions, cut energy lines, and naturally let brooding dissolve as a mental habit.  It’s more about technique than anything dramatic–just shifting how you think and relate to life.