On Mistakes

On Mistakes

We are all learning.  Mistakes reflect a part of this learning.  It is ok to regret mistakes, but we should not regret forever.  That’s the point of learning, a part of the process.

We need to love ourselves, accept our mistakes, and move forward–striving to do better each time.  This is more realistic and healthier.  Getting stuck in regret is silly.  It’s not realistic.  It is a reflection of perfectionism: expecting perfect action from yourself, that you never make a misstep.

Especially in relationships, many of us don’t arrive in this life knowing how to treat others just right.  We make mistakes, often somewhat or totally unconsciously.  We hurt others (and in the process ourselves).

We have to allow and accept mistakes in ourselves and others and look with compassion and love towards all involved.

This will allow healing and growth.

You can forgive yourself and let go of your past (and future) mistakes, including regrets.