One Minute Meditation – A Simple Technique To Refresh Your Mind

One Minute Meditation

Rainless Mind has a little tip for you.  We call it One Minute Meditation.  It's pretty darn simple: try to meditate for one minute.  That's it.  Just one minute.  Why?  Because we in the West (and increasingly the whole world) are so mind/ego dominated that we have lost touch with other aspects of being--both in ourselves and the world at large.

One Minute Meditation - Refresh Your Mind 

We shoot for only a minute because: 

  • It is like a little snack you can sneak in at any moment in your life.  While you are waiting in line at the grocery store.  While you wait for your burrito to be served ;).  Or just as you prepare to drift off to sleep. 
  • Most importantly, one minute is so not intimidating.  Anyone can try this for one minute.  This is the principle that getting started on something at a very gentle pace is more likely to lead to a new habit than epic, violent change that is not sustainable.
  • Even a minute can refresh your mind and body. 
  • We are introducing the habit of allowing your mind to relax.  Just stop.  Take a pause.  And to let other forms of wisdom and rejuvenation take root. 

One Minute Meditation - How To Do It 

So how should you meditate?  Honestly, however you want.  But here are two suggested approaches. 

  1. Set a timer on your smartphone.  Set it to count down for one minute.  Count from 1 to 4 with each breath.  When the timer goes off, you're done.  Or, repeat if you would like to experiment with additional meditation.  (An alternative would be to set the stopwatch on your smartphone and then meditate for as long as feels comfortable, though if you are really taking baby steps, I recommend the countdown method.)

  2. Same setup.  Set a timer on your smartphone.  Set it to count down for one minute.  Keep your mind free of thought(s) during the countdown.  If you find thoughts creeping in, don't worry.  Just gently move back to a clean slate.  (I suggest you not make this into a competition in which you have to make it one minute without having thoughts bubble up.  These exercises are meant to reduce stress, not increase it!) 

To Make Relaxation Meditation A Habit, Schedule It 

How often should you practice one minute meditation?  It is really up to you.  But we do have one simple suggestion.  Yes, allow yourself to pursue the one minute meditation drill spontaneously, but also create a little schedule.  Just to start modestly, here's a suggestion.  Practice one minute of meditation three times a week.  Pick the time and day now.  Maybe right after you wake up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  

We also suggest you put whatever schedule you come up with on your calendar.  Until this type of relaxation meditation becomes a habit, you need reminders.  The point here is that you want to "pre-decide" what you are going to do.  It makes it easier down the road; you just implement the plan.  You can always tweak the frequency and timing later as you see the results of this practice. 

One Minute Meditation - A Simple Practice With Potentially Powerful Results 

So there you have it.  The one minute meditation exercise.  An elegant technique to refresh your mind and body.

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