• Prayer is powerful.  Prayer brings you closer to God.
  • Initiative matters.
  • You may choose to be happy every day.  Choose to be happy now, in this moment.
  • You may choose to make each moment as positive and productive as possible.
  • There is a balance between producing and consuming.
  • Focus on the abundance always surging in your life: the power in the wind; the force of the sea; a tree in bloom.
  • Give often.
  • Integrity matters, particularly for your internal state.
  • Family is precious.
  • Friends should be nurtured.
  • How you think, what you think, matters.
  • How you speak, what you say, matters.
  • How you act, what you do, matters.
  • Humility protects against inverted values.
  • We each have our own authentic nature and way.  We are happiest when we live and express ourselves in sync with this inherent self.