Relaxation Meditation – How To Meditate Even If You Have A Super Busy Life

Relaxation Meditation In A Busy World

Not long ago, I wrote about the one-minute meditation practice.

But many of us are so busy throughout the day that it can be tricky to find even that one minute to practice meditation.  I get it. Totally. 

Here’s one I bet you can't find an excuse for, though :-).  

Finding Those Gaps In Your Day For Relaxation Meditation

Are you ever walking from point A to point B?  Transiting from your car to the gym? Waiting in line at the grocery store?

Most of us simply worry during these brief moments of transition or waiting.  We think about something that's annoying or that is frustrating us or that has is getting on our nerves.

Does this really help you?

I have a suggestion.  

Rest your mind during those brief moments of transition.

But by “rest” I don't just mean just sit there like a lump ;).  I mean consciously meditate.

Here Are A Few Options

  • Empty your mind and just rest in mental silence.  

  • Or, watch the external world flowing by without putting any interpretation on top of what you see.  

  • Finally, count your breaths from one through four (each count covers the in breath and the out breath.  

Try these types of relaxation meditation for as long as it takes you to walk from the parking lot at work to your desk.  Or while you're waiting at a red light. Or for your kids to come running out of school and get picked up. You get the idea.

Little Moments Of Bliss

You could find these little moments of bliss if you just retrain your mind.  I predict these “mini meditations” will have a dramatic effect on your well-being.  

There are so many places and moments we can meditate throughout the day.  Find your moment of peace.

See what happens.

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