Resonance and Dissonance – The Ebb and Flow of Life

Resonance and Dissonance - The Ebb and Flow of Life

So many of us spend our lives attempting to flee the difficult challenges, the things we don’t like, the hang ups, the problems, the dissonance.

This attempt to relieve life’s tension is natural and human.  Rainless Mind would never advocate not striving to move beyond obstacles.

However, we do suggest a reframing of perspective that may allow you more peace of mind as you travel life’s journey.

Resonance and Dissonance – The Ebb And Flow of Life

Life, by its very nature, tends to swing back and forth between problems and resolutions.  This is a natural pattern, built into the human experience.  Challenges may even come your way specifically to force you into dissonance (outside your comfort zone), which triggers the necessary growth and unfoldment that brings you back into resonance at a more aware, awake, enlightened level.

See The Pattern And Unclench Your Mind

In other words, dissonance forces growth.  When you recognize this pattern as inherent to the human experience, you relax a little bit each time a problem arises.  You unclench your mind and know that with adversity comes opportunity.  You understand that it is the nature of human experience to swing out into tension, work to resolve this tension, swing back (and grow) into a brighter resonance; then eventually repeat the pattern again.

So RM doesn’t say love the dissonance (though that might be possible).  But we do advocate embracing challenges as an inevitable part of the yin and yang of life.

May you ebb and flow to the serenity that is your birthright.

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