Don’t Expect Perfection – Instead, Strive For Greatness

Strive For Greatness, Not Perfection

Here's a lesson many of us learn the hard way in life.

Don't expect perfection.  Yes, this is a cliché, but so many people suffer from this.  We expect physical perfection in ourselves, emotional perfection in a partner, perfect alignment between our innermost being and our careers, life to turn out just the way we expect.

Life Doesn't Work This Way

The problem is that life doesn't work this way.  To be honest, we cause a lot of angst both in our personal and professional lives by expecting perfection and being frustrated when it doesn't appear.  Life isn't a symmetrical grid that lines up perfectly with abstract notions.  Life is like a flower, weaving and wending its way in beautiful, unpredictable ways.  Even the blemishes in life have beauty (once we stop expecting perfection).

Instead, Strive For Greatness

Greatness is achievable.  Greatness recognizes life's imperfections, but still does something magnificent and wonderful.  Greatness glows with magnanimity.  It allows things to go wrong, and adapts.  Perfection is grim, determined, and stressed.  Greatness has a smile on its face.

Again, Greatness is achievable.

You will find this subtle shift produces wonders in your life.  Try it.  Strive for greatness, and see what happens.

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