Too Busy? What Are You Trying To Flee?

Too Busy? What Are You Fleeing?

Is your life way too busy?  If you are running around in a state of constant overload, you may be trying to flee the quality of thought present in your mind.  Chronic tension, regret, and particularly fear result in someone staying as busy as possible.  If they slow down, the energy in their mind is deeply unpleasant.

Too Busy? Retrain Your Mind

I suggest you don't so much try to fix this by going through all sorts of psychotherapy as simply replace this tension and energy with new and better thoughts.  Every time you catch a negative thought in your mind.  Just stop, and direct your mind towards something pleasant.  What you are doing is training your mind out of bad grooves and habits.  Seriously, each time you think something negative or critical about yourself or others, just change the thought.  If you don't know what to think of instead, visualize a flower or some other delightful image--or look at an actual flower or something else that is pleasant.  Or think of yourself doing amazing things or enjoying a great conversation or whatever.  A great secondary benefit of this type of retraining is that it helps strengthen your imaginative and creative faculties.

Then Relax And Slow Down....

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a busy life.  We just don't want to use compulsive busyness to flee a polluted mind.  Over a period of weeks and months, as you make the shift, the quality of your mind will change and you will find you can relax and slow down.  This is a virtuous cycle -- from too busy to just right.

If certain negative thoughts keep recurring over and over no matter what you do, seek more robust techniques to purge them, but don't lose yourself in navel-gazing!


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