The Quest for Total Clarity

Insisting on Total Clarity

If you are insisting on total clarity in your life, you are doing something wrong.

When you insist on knowing whether something will work before you try, you betray a fear that you aren’t up to the task–that reality is so hostile that you think it quite likely things won’t work out for you.

When you get into this mindset, you attempt to factor in every contingency.  It makes you paranoid, worried, and hesitant to make bold moves.  You may hardly notice that you are in this mindset, but fear is pervading your life.

Good luck with that.  Success and joy don’t work that way.

Shoot For Internal Clarity And Confidence Instead

There is a better approach to life than insisting on total clarity about what will happen in a relationship, an investment, an entrepreneurial venture.  Instead, be ok with not knowing the eventual outcome, but have confidence that you can handle what comes up.  In addition, recognize that your happiness is much more dependent on your internal spiritual, emotional, and mental states than external circumstances.

Another way to say this is aim for internal clarity and certainty.  Certainty that you can handle what comes up.  Clarity that you are ready to ride the waves of life with confidence.  You recognize that some things aren’t always going to work out perfectly, but you know you can adapt as needed, find joy, and flourish.  This is a much stronger and more pragmatic approach to reality.  It allows you to take action earlier rather than insisting on a level of external certainty that may or may not be appropriate.

Internal clarity is quite possible.  You can shoot for it now.  Just choose to be confident.  Choose to know you can handle what comes up.  Watch your mind relax and your joy surge as you stop worrying about every little detail, and enjoy the ride!

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