When You Regret The Right Decision

When You Regret The Right Decision

I have a little secret for you.  You can feel regret even when you make the right decision.

Why?  Because even if you make a change that is best for your life and for those around you, you will be giving something up.  Something dies.

Need to change careers?  After the transition to a new job, you may still miss you colleagues and many aspects of what you did before.

A relationship is not going to work for the long term?

After the break, you may still miss your loved-one and the many great qualities of that person.

For me, realizing that this melancholy for that which no longer obtains does not necessarily mean you made a wrong decision.  You may just feel the loss of the good things about the situation or person.

So don’t lose heart.  Loss is a part of life and something we all experience.  Feeling that loss doesn’t mean you made a mistake.  What’s more, with time, the melancholy tends to fade away as your new life gathers speed.

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